Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will I receive the report?

    The report is usually ready within four to six weeks of seeing the client.


  • How long will I wait for an appointment?

    There is usually an 8-12 week waiting list and a cancellation list in case an earlier appointment becomes available. However we understand the Courts sometimes give short time constraints within which to file a report, so we try and work with the client to meet the deadline.


  • What proportion of clients are seen?

    We provide approximately 45:45:10 Claimant / Defendant / Joint reports although this varies each year and a trend towards joint instructions has been noticed.


  • What Documentation do we require to prepare a report?

    In order to prepare the report we require sight of the medical and hospital records, depending on the age of the client school reports can be helpful and any other medical reports prepared for the Court regarding the claim. We do not require X-rays.

Terms and Conditions


As a medico legal firm we accept instructions from solicitors or insurers on behalf of the client but rarely from the individual themselves. Terms of business for settlement of the account are strictly 30 working days from the invoice date. We will assume this fee structure is accepted unless we hear from you within 14 days of the appointment letter or other financial arrangements for the settlement of fees have been agreed. It is important if you prefer Tribune Psychological Services not to go ahead in these terms that you let us know immediately.


Home visits for clients are made in cases where it is not possible for the client to attend an appointment in the consulting rooms and must be arranged at the time of instruction. We would like you to note that not all of our consulting rooms have disabled access. If this presents a problem for the client or the person accompanying them to the assessment please let us know as soon as possible so appropriate arrangements can be made.


Important: An appointment card will be enclosed with the confirmation letter for the client and we would be grateful if you could forward these to the client immediately. If you do not wish the client to proceed with the assessment, then please return the card to Tribune Psychological Services.


The price list and current fee structure is available on request along with a copy of our terms and conditions of business. You will need to confirm that these conditions are acceptable to yourselves by signing the acceptance form that comes with the confirmation letter and returning it to us.


As you will appreciate, thorough and proper neuropsychological assessment is a time consuming and specialised process. Typically the complete assessment will take 4 – 5 hours (this usually takes place over two appointments). This allows us to interview and obtain a history from a friend or relative of the client as well as to carry out detailed assessment of pre-morbid and current intellect, personality, learning and memory (verbal and nonverbal), adaptive or executive functioning (problem-solving), motor skills and mood (stress, anxiety, depression etc). The interview of the relative or friend is usually conducted by the neuropsychologist directly and may be conducted on either the first or second appointment depending on availability.  Production of our detailed report will take a further 3 – 4 hours. However, in order to complete many such lengthy and comprehensive assessments it is usually necessary for clients to attend a second appointment. Our reports will normally be available within 4 – 6 weeks of the assessment. If however our report is required sooner, and providing sufficient written notice has been provided every effort will be made to accommodate this.


In the case of a neuropsychological assessment, our report will detail for you the nature and sequelae of acquired brain injury, its likely cause, and its effect on the client’s ability to function independently. It will also deal with the effects of any deficit on employment and social life as well as a prognosis for future change. In the case of a psychological assessment, our report will detail the nature and sequelae of psychological trauma, its likely cause and its effects on the client’s ability. Should supplementary reports or comments be requested or additional documents be sent for review, these will be billed at our hourly rate please see price list below. In order to produce our report however it will also be necessary for us to see copies of the client’s hospital and GP records as well as copies of any other reports as they become available. It is required that these are forwarded prior to the assessment date.